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Pro Support Solutions and our partners’ combined industrial knowledge makes us superior engineering product manufacturers across: renewable, gas, oil, mining, energy, marine, communication, controls, HVAC, electrical, mechanical trades, fire protection, automotive, food, healthcare and construction industries.

We dominate the renewable energy product industry and meet all North American plant
engineering product markets challenges.

Innovation in product engineering at its finest. This is what we do at Pro Support Solutions. In 2020, we recognized that standards in engineering construction are in a state of constant flux.
We create unique quality engineering, offer cable support, and provide commissioning solutions.
Engineering & Construction Solutions / Quality Plant Engineering Solutions

Pro Support Solutions’ technical specialties are factory engineering products and construction solutions. Our experienced team is implementing perceptive services, creating critical plant engineering products, and using skills to solve North America’s most complex engineering and construction challenges and projects.

Comprehensive Skid Package Engineering

Our experts are adept and ready to provide a first-class comprehensive skid package engineering solution for your project. With an in-depth understanding of safety requirements for your exact industry, we deliver skid services that include monitoring, design, sizing, and instrumentation.

Expert Maintenance & Commissioning

Pro Support Solution’s services include professional structural and product maintenance. We are engineering maintenance specialists, fully experienced in designing products, installing them, testing, and carrying out maintenance assessments of industrial products and structural integrity.


  • Ferrari

    Maranello Automotive Plant

  • Rimini Fair District


  • Bosch

    Nuremberg Plant

Pro support solutions

Our market segments

Gas & Power Product Solutions

Now and into the future, we are leading experts on gas and power regulations, industrial risks, and quality products.

Innovative Oil & Chemical Products

Our partnerships make us industry leaders in oil and chemical product solutions, for which we offer our expert, customized services.

Pharma & Food Product Engineering

Our expertise in pharma, food, and FDA regulations gives us advanced industrial service solutions and product knowledge for these industries.

Steel Industry, Cement Solutions

We have in-depth knowledge of the steel industry, combined with skills in industrial piping. Expert manufacturing is our specialty.

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